With experience from both the Telecom and Video Broadcast industries, 3DCurves specializes in web-based multi-media software solutions.

Our aim is to help reduce the risk involved in software development by offering pre-developed and customizable software modules that can be integrated with many different types of applications and web-sites.

If you'd like to know more about what we offer, you can learn about, and even try out a sample application that we've developed, containing generic multi-media features and components. You can also learn about the technology behind the application, including it's Web Service.

To learn more about the application and each of it's features, go to Application, and to learn about the technology, go to Technology.

If you're a developer interested in using the Web Service API described on this site, or if you're a company interested in adapting any of the features or components described, customization work can be negotiated, and can usually be done at standard consulting rates. Feel free to contact us at:

3DCurves Sweden
+46 (0)8 600 45 70

3DCurves U.S.A